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How’s that for a happy title?  Two topics most people don’t generally feel positive about, unless you are me!  And why do I feel positive about mortgages and divorce?  Simple, a mortgage gives you a home of your own and allows you to build equity for your future and divorce is the end of one chapter but also the start of a brand new one.

As a home owner and a divorcee, I am perfectly poised to help you navigate the details of home ownership during and after divorce.  You may be asking how a mortgage broker can do that and here’s how”

-        If you own a matrimonial home and wish to keep that home post divorce, you need to qualify on your own and have your ex spouse removed.  I can help determine if you qualify to keep your home and help you through the process of removing your ex

-        If you are keeping the matrimonial home and need to refinance it to pay out your ex and have him/her removed, you need to apply for a mortgage to do that.  There is a specific program set out for this exact situation but unfortunately not all bankers or brokers are familiar with it, or are experts in it.  I have helped numerous clients with this exact scenario and can help you too

-        If you are wanting to buy once you have a separation agreement or after your divorce is finalized, why not work with a broker who is experienced with clients post separation or divorce?  Since my own divorce, I have helped so many people through this process, to the point I have become an expert in assisting those buy after a separation or divorce

-        If your ex spouse is wanting to keep the matrimonial home or needs to pay you out, I can help them to get everything done so your divorce can be finalized

Going through a separation or divorce is a very difficult time.  However, working with the right experts can make the process a little less difficult.  Working with the right experts will ease your mind and help you feel secure in the decisions you are making. I work with a team of experts from realtors to lawyers to financial planners to life insurance specialists and we are all here to help you.  Believe it or not, you need each of these experts to ensure your whole financial picture is where it needs to be.  And if it's not, we can help you get where you want to be!

So with one phone call to me, you get my whole team of divorce specialists to walk you through every stage; from the separation agreement and division of assets, to what happens with your matrimonial home, to setting up new life insurance policies and new wills. 

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