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Did you know that single women are now the second largest demographic of home buyers in Canada?

I recently came across an article discussing how and why single women in Canada are now pursuing home ownership more than almost any other demographic, second only to married couples. As a Mortgage broker in Red Deer, this statistic mirrors exactly what I am seeing in our local community as well.  Over the most recent years, I have seen more and more women applying for mortgages on independently.  These are often women who are finished school and starting their careers, women coming out of a divorce and starting out on their own, and older women who understand the benefits of owning property. 

Some reasons why we are seeing more female homeowners are:

-        As women focus on higher levels of education, home ownership on our own becomes more attainable. 

-        As the wage gap lessons, home ownership on our own becomes more affordable

-        As more and more women choose to get married and start families later in life, owning a home of our own first becomes more of a priority

-        Women are, on average, more comfortable purchasing starter homes

As a woman myself who owns her own home, I am proud to see other women making this transition into home ownership. There are many benefits including building equity every month, tax deductions, building up strong credit, and the freedom to create the home you want! 

So ladies, if you are one of the many female Canadians looking to buy a house and become a homeowner, let me know help you!  I am one of you, a single woman doing this on my own.  But more importantly than the single part, I am an experienced mortgage broker who has helped numerous women just like you (including myself) buy a house.  I work with all the experts you need in your corner and we are here to help you every step of way, from a lawyer to help with your purchase and set up a will to a realtor to help you find your perfect home to a life insurance specialist ready to make sure you are properly insured.

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Read the original article here: https://www.newmarkettoday.ca/local-news/how-and-why-single-female-home-ownership-on-the-rise-2064689

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