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What is a Reverse Mortgage and How Does It Work? (Video Blog Ft. Tim Wachter from Equitable Bank)
Today I sat down with Tim Wachter from Equitable Bank to discuss 3 major questions I often get about reverse mortgages: What is a reverse mortgage, how does a reverse mortgage work, and who a reverse...
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The Canadian economy and the housing market
We are living in strange times, economically speaking. Mortgage stress tests have slowed the housing market and may be one of the reasons the Bank of Canada has signaled it may pause on increasing...
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6 Steps To The Home Buying Process - Infographic
Are you considering buying a home in Central Alberta in 2019? Here are the 6 basic steps to the home buying process. You can begin...
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3 Considerations If Your Mortgage Is Up For Renewal In 2019
Have you taken a moment to reflect on 2018? How much has your life changed in such a short period of time? Now think all the way back to 2014. How has your life evolved since then? Maybe you have a...
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