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Refinancing Your Mortgage – What You Need to Know
This year has seen a rise in the number of homeowners who are considering refinancing their mortgage. Approximately 20% of Canadian homeowners say they plan to refinance their mortgage in the next...
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The Dos and Don'ts When Buying A Home
There are several things you shouldn't do while buying a home. Including racking up debt, buying a new car, changing/quitting your job, and more. As a Red Deer Mortgage Broker, I have seen it all!...
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What Happened to the Expected House Price Crash?
According to many forecasts from earlier this year, Canadian home prices should have fallen anywhere from 5% to 20% from pre-pandemic levels by now. On the contrary, average prices are up...
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Fixed or Variable in These Unusual Times?
Fixed or variable—it’s the classic rate decision many mortgage shoppers are faced with. And it’s only been made more complicated since the start of the pandemic. Towards the latter half of 2019,...
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