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Financially Fierce Women

This is a page for women who want to be fierce with their finances and take control of their money. It a safe space for women who want to learn about money and take their finances to the next level so they can live their best lives, all while ensuring their financial future. It is about making money a priority and connecting with other women who are doing the same. To sum it up in one sentence, it’s a community for financially ambitious women.

This group is a safe place for women to grow in their personal, professional, and financial development. This will happen through connecting with like minded women, having access to financial professionals, and educational content on things like budgeting, credit, investing, insurance, mortgages, and more.

It’s all about giving ourselves permission, as women, to make money a priority to secure our financial futures because did you know there are more retired women living in poverty than men? This is because of a few things, things we will talk about on this page, things we will work together to overcome. Because we deserve it. We deserve to feel good about our money.
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