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Understanding Mortgages While Navigating A Divorce

Life changes, such as divorce, can have a larger impact on our finances than we may realize. I know this from personal experience.

No divorce is easy, there are many layers to work through and there are many things that change in our lives during and after a divorce. My divorce was no exception, but the part I thought would be easy was buying a place of my own. I learned very quickly that even though I do mortgages for a living, getting a mortgage after a divorce was a stressful and overwhelming experience.

This is why I have chosen to specialize in helping people with their mortgages when going through a divorce and coming out of a divorce.


When to Start The Conversation

It is important to start the conversation early around what your goals are for home ownership after divorce so we can ensure you qualify to reach those goals. This is why I encourage people to reach out during their divorce, whether you are wanting to keep the matrimonial home or want to buy something new, we need to make sure what you want is possible when things are finalized.

When we start the conversation early, we can talk about how the potential details in your divorce could affect your ability to qualify, details like whether you are paying or receiving child support and/or alimony for example. Knowing your options early can even become a part of your negotiations.

Why I Want To Help You

It might sound weird to say I’m passionate about divorce but I am. Maybe not divorce itself but about making sure people understand their options around mortgages as well as everything else that needs to be updated or changed after a divorce. I’m passionate about helping people come out of divorce experiencing what I felt my first night in my new to me home; The sigh that escaped my body when I sat on my couch that first night and looked around my new home. The peace that washed over me as the weight I had been carrying for years was finally lifted.

I use my personal experience, my professional experience, and the connections I have made to walk people through this often-challenging time in their lives. Working with someone who understands divorce from a personal and professional level creates a different experience for my clients.

I want you to benefit from my experience so if you are going through a divorce or have recently gone through a divorce and home ownership is a goal, let’s work together, give me a call today!

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