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I specialize in helping single woman navigate getting a mortgage

Red Deers Mortgage Broker for Single Women

Fortunately for myself and my daughter, I learned early on in my life the importance of being financially savvy and independent, all thanks to my amazing mother. She taught me how to budget, how to always have a bank account, savings, and credit card in my name plus so much more.

And today, I continue using the principles my mother taught me in my 20+ year career in the financial industry to help other women, women who have a desire to learn and master their own financial decisions and make finances a priority by mastering the skill of financial literacy.

Understanding your finances on a deeper level creates confidence and decreases stress so you can increase your household wealth, your retirement savings, and create financial freedom in your life.

These are all reasons I believe home ownership is empowering and why I am passionate about helping women understand their finances on a deeper level.

Free Download

The Single Womans Guide to Buying a Home

Buying a home independantly as a woman is so empowering! In this download, I will cover: 

How I Make Mortgage The Process Easy

Let’s make the proccess of getting a home less complicated! Here is the process I use to help you get into your home  sooner and with less stress. 

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Start Your Application Online

The proccess is easy and can be done remotely from anywhere in Alberta. 

Why I Want To Help You

My personal mission as your mortgage broker is simple; You become my ultimate priority and feel safe with me when you’re buying your new home, refinancing, or renewing an existing mortgage. My mission is that you gain confidence around your mortgage and finances to empower you going forward.

I am walking side by side with you so you can feel at ease and in control instead of feeling unsure, scared, or overwhelmed with buying your new home or understanding your mortgage,

Let’s get you started on the path of being financially savvy, starting with your mortgage.

Call to start the application process today and let me make home buying and mortgages simple for you through my process designed specifically for women.

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